Benefits of Using a Mobile Phone Contract

Many are the times when phone contracts have been compared with purchasing in cash. While it is no doubt that a mobile phone contract spread over 12 or 24 months will make you pay more, many people keep asking: Is it worth it?  What are the benefits of going for a mobile phone contract?

  • You get the best phone while paying very little on a monthly basis

The main reason that people go for phone contracts is that paying in cash is strenuous. With the current economic condition, paying £500-£600 in cash can be a monumental task. However, when allowed to pay £30 or thereabout for some months, the burden becomes lighter. Because of the low monthly payment, many people add it to other monthly bills.

  • You get a large collection of smartphones to choose from

Every mobile phone company gives clients a very wide range of smartphones to select from. The focus here is ensuring that all clients can afford a good mobile phone to call, text, browse, and even carry out other specialized tasks. Though the cost will be a little higher compared to buying in cash, you have a larger collection of phones to select from.

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  • Cheaper mobile phone bills

When mobile phone companies work on contracts, they extend the focus from the handsets to regular phone use. They provide a package of talk time in minutes, SMS, and data plans. All of these have been incorporated into the amount you will be paying every month so that you will not need to top up for the entire contract period. Imagine going for over 12 months without having to look for airtime!

To get more from the contract, consider reviewing personal talk time, SMS, and data use to pick what perfectly fits your life. Some companies even allow you to negotiate the contract so that people who talk more can reduce data or SMS’s and get more talk time.

  • Many phone contracts come with varying gifts

When you sign up for a contract with a mobile phone company, most of them will reward you with prestigious gifts. Though this may vary depending on the phone company, some of the gifts are costly and could be several months’ worth of what you pay to the phone company. For example, you can get Xbox One console, headphones, and cinema tickets as part of phone contracts.

  • Provides mobile phone contract even to people with bad credit

One outstanding thing about mobile phone contracts is that they give an opportunity to people with bad credit to own the latest smartphones. Often, people with bad credit find it difficult to get loans from financial institutions and to put together the amount to buy phones in cash. However, if you have bad credit, it is still possible to get a phone contract through the following ways;

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  • Raise some deposit to lower risk taken by the phone company.
  • Look for smartphones with lower specs because they cost less.
  • Talk directly to the phone company because third parties often include additional conditions.
  • Use a friend with good credit score to co-sign the contract for you.
  • Get a phone on a bad credit mobile contract