One of the reports in The Daily Mail that has attracted a lot of attention is how mobile phone companies dupe buyers to pay more for using phone contracts. However, you have all the control in your hands. Let’s take a look.

Understand personal talk time, texts, and data requirement

The reporter indicated that many users end up paying up to £1,000 more than they need for a mobile phone by the close of a contract. In their ads, mobile phone companies advertise their phones with more talk time, SMS, and data. However, many users rarely need all that data, texts, and talk time.


Get down with a pen before signing any contract to understand how many minutes you talk every day, the texts you need, and data to avoid being fooled to get more. If you only talk for an average of 20 minutes every day (about 600 minutes a month), why pick a phone contract advertising for 1000 minutes?

Take the phone contract with the seriousness of a bank loan

When clients look at mobile phone contracts, everything has been built upon the tariff for that specific service so that comparing prices becomes even more difficult. The buyer is so much focused on the handsets and does not even remember that he/she is getting a loan. Well, it is all about business at the end of the day and buyers must be equally smart.


When you decide to get a phone contract, think of it as a bank loan. Review the value you will be getting by going for that phone and evaluate the available options. For example, how much more will you pay by spreading the contract through 24 months as opposed to 12 months? In some cases, you might even bring the overall cost down tremendously by putting some deposits and paying the balance over an even smaller period.

If you find that the entire deal is making you pay more, you can get money from other sources to buy in cash. For example, you can take a loan from the local bank, pay a well-defined interest and get the phone in cash.

What tariff are you operating in?

While many people would do fine with about 250 minutes, 250 texts and 300 megabytes of data, most requests to phone companies reveal that they recommend 1000 talk minutes. Many people who get phones through contracts are indeed on the wrong tariffs. In many cases, salesmen driving sales for top smartphones do not have less costly tariffs for clients or are unwilling to reveal them.

Whether you want to upgrade or simply look forward to upgrading to a new phone, carefully compare the tariffs and go to the most affordable one. Do not simply buy the analogy that the tariffs they present are the only ones and the best on offer. Take some moments to research the respective company customer care number and call directly to find out about different types of tariffs. Remember that the best option when searching for a phone contract is comparing different companies, reviewing offers, and establishing exactly what you want.

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