A contract mobile phone is one of the best methods of getting an up-to-date handset as well as great deals on data, calls, and texts. A contract allows you to enjoy the latest Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Sony Smartphone, and others without making an initial deposit. Because of the many deals on phone contracts all over the United Kingdom, selecting the right one can be a tough call. This is an article on how to choose a good mobile phone contract.

A closer look at mobile phone contracts

What is a mobile phone contract? A phone contract means that you pick a phone of your choice and then pay a standard monthly fee for a fixed period (usually 12-24 months). When selecting the contract, you are also required to select a package of data, text, and talk minutes that best fits your needs without paying an additional amount as everything is catered for by the monthly payment you make. Imagine going for a full year or two without having to top up a mobile phone? This allows you to talk more, text more, browse, stream music, and much more.

How do you choose a good phone credit?

  • Avoid rushing to the cheapest deal

Though it is tempting to simply pick the cheapest deal, it is important to get into the details of what you are getting. Here the twist is usually what you will be getting regarding minutes, SMS, and data. Take some moment with a pen and paper thinking of how much you talk, text and browse so that you avoid paying for something you will not ultimately use.

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  • Be wary about contracts that promise cash backs

While some companies promise cash back, rarely do they live to it. Well, this does not mean that it is impossible to get cash back, but the process is very difficult. For instance, many of the companies that promise cash back require you to gather all bills and physically send them in. This is almost impossible for many people and even when you manage to get the bills, the time frame between sending, correction, and getting cash back is too much.

  • Review the contract length

Though every contract has to be tied to some months, no one wants to be bound for a very long time paying for a phone. Though spreading the cost for more months makes the monthly payment low and more attractive, you will end up paying more at the end of the contract. Compare how much you will pay if the contract lasts for 6, 12 or 24 months and go for the option that saves you the most money.


  • Will you be making calls abroad?

For people with friends abroad, studying in other countries, or making regular calls outside the UK, it is important to check the rates for international calls. Though the EU has tried so much to equalize the calling charges, it can be very costly calling or roaming data to a country outside of the EU. If the cost is very high, consider negotiating the contract with the phone company to get a better deal.



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