Phone companies are in business and every marketing model they come up with has to be tied to profits. While there is no doubt that mobile phone contracts have a lot of benefits, you must be prepared to pay more when taking one out. However, the ball remains in your court until you pen down the contract. The main question is how to negotiate a better deal? The following are top 5 tactics you can utilize to negotiate a better deal.

  • Utilize various methods when shopping for mobile phone contracts

Cellular phones companies utilize a diversity of methods to reach clients and sell their products. From online stores, retail outlets, dealers, and flyers, the buyer should compare who is offering a better deal. In some cases, contracted stores might add several conditions or even fail to reveal some information to box you into the corner they want. For example, some might only reveal the most expensive tariff so that you select the most expensive contract. Make sure to check which phones are cheaper, better, and have a network reaching your residence and workplace. Why get a specific smartphone if the provider does not even reach your area?

  • Make sure to include prepaid phones when comparing contracts

Though many people tend to overlook prepaid phones, they are indeed highly competitive and are tied to larger providers meaning the network is better. Visit top online retailers such as Amazon, EBay, and other top dealers to establish what matches well with your demand. You might get a great deal that matches the amount you can raise affordably. The only problem is that you will need to wait until the phone is shipped to you.

  • Negotiate

When many people read through a mobile phone contract, they rarely acknowledge that they can negotiate the price downwards. Find out about other deals from different companies and take them to the dealer of your choice to inquire whether he/she has better rates. Demonstrate the willingness to walk away and the dealer will come running after you with better deals. Every salesperson fears that a client who finds the weakness of a brand will spread the word and everything turns viral. Play hardball and you will see the results.

  • Look for professional discounts

Many employers enter into agreements with top cellular companies for discounts on various plans for their staff. Find out if your employer has such a plan and compare the prices with other plans that are on offer. Remember that the deal with your employer does not prevent you looking for additional discounts.

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  • Ask for a comparison of no-contract version of the plan you want

If you are looking forward to signing a contract for a cheap phone, find out what a no-contract version of the same plan would cost. Non-contract phones are usually cheaper. However, you will not get discounted phones on a non-contract plan. The good thing with no-contract is that the phone is unlocked and can be used with your current plan. You will end up paying less and making a lot of savings.


Whether you are considering a new mobile phone contract or the one you have is coming to a close, take your time to get the best by comparing what various companies are offering. Make sure to use all your strengths and demonstrate the willingness to walk away at any moment while pondering the best deal.


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